Sweet Revenge

Sweet Revenge is that rare combination of good humor and steamy hot sex, making this Henri Pachard title a bonafide hit.

Ron Jeremy plays Sam, a chauvinistic man who thinks he (and his penis) are God’s gift to women. Sam has said women all his life, and he’s telling his best friend (Jamie Gillis) all about it, when he accidentally slips into New York’s Hudson River. Through some strange twist of fate (compounded by the pollution in the river) Sam becomes a woman (Sheri St. Clair), who must now deal with men like she (or is it he?) used to be.

The sex scene which will stay in your fantasies for a long time is the oral threesome with Gillis, St. Clair and Tasha Voux. Not only is it hot, it’s also quite different. St. Clair’s masturbation scene, soon after she/he switches sexes, portrays a believable sense of curiosity and arousal. And the opening scene between Jeremy and Alexis Firestone, where Jeremy acts totally rude and repulsive, really sets the stage for the rest of the show.

Sweet Revenge is an entertaining movie which everyone should enjoy. The time and effort spent on writing, acting and directing is noticeable, and makes this one of the year’s better videos.

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