Executive Secretary

This feature stars Bobby Astyr as a Sex Maniac. Of course, virtually the entire cast of this epic can also claim that title. Astyr fucks anything that moves, wisecracking as he cums. Among the things that move here is slinky Sex Maniac #2, C.J.Laing. After boffing boss Bobby, C.J. brags to another secretary that. “l can turn anybody on. Anybody.!” And to prove it, she goes down on the turned-on secretary, gobbling orifices right there in the office.

Bobby then calls up Sex Maniac #3: “Nancy, Hi. Come over for lunch. You’re the main course.” Said main course is High Society publisher Gloria Leonard, who keeps up kvetching while fucking Bobby’s brains out. Classy and glib, Gloria steals the show. “This foreplay is not my forte,” she says as she plants her bush on Bobby’s mug. Pint-sized Astyr looks like a Harryhausen animation here, humping away like a sex-crazed homunculus from Hell.

As Astyr gets seconds from C.J., the guy from shipping and the office receptionist literally stumble over them which, naturally, leads to a four-way on the conference table. Then Bobby gets thirds from Laing while Gloria gets it on with the guy from shipping.

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