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1977. 71 Minutes. Bree Anthony, CJ Laing, Jamie Gillis, Bobby Astyr.
After a brutal attack, a young woman finds comfort in the arms of a skilled female kung fu trainer. After some sexy massage rehabilitation and lesbian exploration, she is ready to start her training to become a human killing machine. Of course, most of the training methods used involve being naked and more sex. Can she take revenge on her attackers using her new found knowledge of the deadly arts? A cult film collector’s wet dream, Vixens is a straight faced XXX chop socky flick made in the heyday of Hong Kong imported martial arts films. Of course, Vixens was made in the USA, so it throws a few Asian names on the credits to give it a bit of authenticity, and then follows the often used “training for the big showdown ” formula, but never forgets it’s a porno film. The straight lipped scenes of “powerful women ” training while their naked titties jiggle up and down for our masturbational pleasure are priceless!


1979. 70 Minutes. Justina Lynn, Joan Devlon, Joey Silvera.
Two sexy teenage girls lie in bed and share their intimate fantasies before heading to the beach to see if they can find some guys to fulfill their sexual dreams. The gorgeous young girls have no problem hooking up with some freewheeling beach dudes eager to explore their bodies! Later they hit a party, but the mix of drugs and booze is too much and only more sex can sober them up! Teenage Surfer Girls perfectly captures nostalgia for teenage days spent cruising for sex, drugs and rock and roll. The groovy beach scene of late 70s California feels like a welcome home even for those who weren’t there. The simple but effective film makes great use of it’s sexy young stars, especially Justina Lynn, who is an unforgettable nubile knockout. Includes bonus trailers.

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