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TOMCATS (1976, 81 min. Chris Mulkey, Polly King). Directed by Harry Kerwin, who’s better known to exploitation fans as Thomas Wood. He was the star of Herschell Gordon Lewis’ classic gorefests, Blood Feast and 2000 Maniacs. Kerwin far surpasses Lewis’ shock value in this relentlessly nasty drive in/grindhouse obscurity. It’s a rough sex crime movie in the Climax of Blue Power mode. Four sub-moronic yahoos go off on greasy spoon waitresses, raping, robbing and killing them. The police manhunt is the backbone of the story, but the goons are the focal point. They all look sweaty, dirty and guilty. The sex involves kicking, verbal humiliation, panty ripping, bondage-every Richard Speck fantasy is explored, including unlawful entry through the back door. If you’re a woman watching Tomcats, you’ll wander over to your front door to make sure it’s locked. DR. MINX (1975, 89 min. Former Russ Meyer regular Edy Williams [Beyond the Valley of the Dolls] gets mixed up in various sleazy shenanigans involving blackmail, infidelity, insurance scams and a high school kid schlepping around a corpse!


ZODIAC KILLER (1971, 88 min. Hal Reed, Bob Jones). This mean-spirited and brutal film is mainly a fictionalization of the events that happened when the Zodiac killer raised hell in California back in the late 60’s and early 70’s. Our chipper killer (who resembles a young Merle Haggard) goes around raising hell. When he’s not braining women with a car hood or spare tires, he’s knifing couples or worshiping his altar where he believes the spirits of all the people he killed will be his slaves in the afterlife. Wow, this guy is one nutty creep! You’ve got to love the Doodles Weaver cameo as a filthy old man who likes his women “plump and dumb.”
THE PSYCHO LOVER (1969. 75 min. Lawrence Monteigne, Frank Cuva). A psychiatrist hypnotizes one of his patients to rid him of his drunken bitch of a wife. Marco turns out to be perfect for the job. He’s an off-the-charts pyscho who has a necrophilia passion to ravage and strangle his sex-objects. The Psycho Lover is a gem of sinful sleaze and campy melodrama loaded with nudity, violence, go-go dancers and hate filled dialog. The film is punctuated by several almost psychedelic attack scenes, which bristle with an energy rarely seen in films of this budget. THE SESSION A.K.A THREE ON A WATERBED (1970, 71 min. Branden Scott, Regina Williams). A male actor practicing for his part in an X-rated picture hires a prostitute to stay locked in his house for three days while he rehearses his part. As the days pass his obsession and sexual depravity culminates in the extremes of depraved misogyny.

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