THE LAST STEP DOWN Four Film Collection


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THE LAST STEP DOWN (1970, 55 min, Uschi Digard, Neola Graff aka Malta, Terri Johnson) Gorgeous, big-breasted lesbian hookers Uschi and Malta train naïve young country girl Terri Johnson into the business. Their specialty? Servicing a bizarre dildo- worshipping cult of hooded freaks on their ritual altar! THE LAST STEP DOWN is filled with awesome ’70s occult atmosphere and non- stop exquisite footage of Uschi and Malta in their prime! This four-film collection also includes TEENAGE NYMPHO (34 min, Terri Johnson) A sexy lesbian drugs a young girl, shackles her, and shreds her panties with a box cutter! Plus WHO KILLED COCK ROBIN? (1970, 56 min. Maria Arnold, Neola Graff) and CAN YOUR DAUGHTER COME OUT TONIGHT? (50 min, Terri Johnson)! All four films NEW HIGH-QUALITY DIGITAL TRANSFERS!

Total running time: 195 min.

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