The Hot Spur Double Feature


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Together for the first time on dvd, these two exploitation films are arguable cult director Lee Frost’s best! THE SCAVENGERS (1969, 91 min. John Bliss, Maria Lease, Uschi Digard). A psychotic rebel confederate captain sustains a post-civil-war campaign of *ape and savagery against women, former slaves and Yankee soldiers.  This is a stark, naked grindhouse picture that leaves its guts hanging out! The Scavengers are rotten to the core-thoroughly disgusting and have a serious sexual problem-you’ll probably love them!  THE HOT SPUR (1968, 73 min.  Virginia Gordon, Wes Bishop, James Arena). A deranged Mexican stable-hand kidnaps the buxom wife of an equally depraved ranch owner to avenge the ape of his sister. With its gleeful misogyny, sexual violence, and cruel twist ending, Hot Spur is, simply put, an all-out assault on humanity.

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