Some Like It Violent Triple Feature


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SOME LIKE IT VIOLENT (1969, B/W, 75 min. Bob O’Connell, Victoria Astor, Sharon Kent).  An engaging early film from director Kemal Horolu.  Bob O’Connell shreds the screen as Johnny Scaro, a loud-mouthed, sadistic sex racketeer who gets his jollies chopping mannequins with a machete!  An unforgettable crime thriller loaded with snappy dialog, brutal kicks & the busty delights of Victoria Astor! HOT SKIN AND COLD CASH (1968, B/W, 61 min. Victoria Astor). Buxom Shelly works as a Manhattan prostitute to support her new born baby and pay her imprisoned husband’s legal fees!  Willing to satisfy any desire for a price, she discovers the bizarre needs that motivate her clients. Victoria Astor’s hauntingly memorable performance is loaded with street-smart, matter-of-fact charm. GUESS WHO’S COMING (1969, B/W, 64 min. Bob O’Connell, Ellen Butler).  A television commercial director  is forced into producing sexploitation films & descends into a lifestyle populated by all-manner of immoral sex perverts!

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