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1978. 81 Minutes. Desiree Cousteau, John Leslie, Eileen Wells, Nancy Hoffman, Sharon Kane, Juliet Anderson, Mimi Morgan, Kristine Heller, Holly McCall, Ming Jade.
Desiree is Peaches, a daffy carefree female who cheerfully plunges through life without any worries. After attending her father’s wedding, she has an accident in her jeep that leaves her unconscious. Two guys find her and immediately take advantage of their good luck. It turns out that Peaches has amnesia, so the fellows offer to help her. The plot revolves around all the silly circumstances and schemes they come up with, and her resolve to keep on smiling through it all. Alex DeRenzy regards Pretty Peaches as his best all around film. Includes a high quality upgrade of the enema scene!


1978. 73 Minutes. Sylvia Rodgers, John Leslie, Desiree Cousteau. Dir Paul Levis.
Angel is a San Francisco hooker who gets mixed up in an armed robbery and ends up in a cop car on a high speed chase. They head back to his place for a drink, a joint, and a fuck. Meanwhile the escaped bandit makes it with a teenage babysitter and the cop’s slut wife! In the end we learn that nothing solves life’s problems like a disco club orgy. Intimate Illusions features original theme music, inventive sex, and one of the better car chases in 70s porn history. At first glance the film is straighTRIPLE FEATUREorward and simple, but it’s by playing it so safe that this ambitious action/comedy offers up some real strangeness without even trying. Though the sex is frequent and done right, the film that surrounds it is interesting and entertaining for what it does wrong. Includes bonus trailers.

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