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1971. 70 Minutes. Maria Aronoff. Dir: Lowell Pickett.
A grizzled San Francisco reporter recounts his epic manuscript: the tale of two crime families vying for control of the Bay Area. A peace accord is struck, but when Cozy, the out of control son of the boss, steps up to take control it threatens the whole operation with bloodshed. Enter Irma (Maria Aronoff); a slick hit woman who likes to fuck and suck her victims before finishing them off! But with Cozy in her sights (and between her legs), Irma may just have a change of heart. Will she finish her mission or fall for her target? Director Lowell Pickett (Oona) delivers this hardcore mafia crime drama and makes good use of sexy sexploitation starlet Maria Aronoff in multiple XXX scenes. In true epic fashion the opening title pops up 8 minutes into the film after a nice introductory scene. The hard boiled dialog seems to be more fitting to a 1940s B crime noir feature, but it fits the brute tone of this all but lost XXX mafia classic well. Despite a few inexplicable moments of zany humor, Love Me to Death is a hardnosed film which is still able to entertain and arouse decades after it was made! Includes bonus trailers.


1976. 61 Minutes. Jamie Gillis, Georgette Jennings.
A gang of deadbeat crooks fuck up a diamond heist, shooting the guards and taking hostages. Instead of making a run for it, they to head back to their hideout for a perverted fuck party. Saturday Night Special is an unforgettable crime caper filled with sexy women and some very shocking moments. With it’s contorted close-ups and twisted morals, Saturday Night Special could easily be a Roberta Findlay production, but is credited to a mysterious “Sam Bloch “. The film is a must see for fans of potent 70’s cinema and porn fans who are not easy to offend. Includes bonus trailers.

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