I Want You! Sexploitation Triple Feature


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A triple dose of late 60s sexploitation from New York City’s notorious sleaze merchant Chelly Wilson. I WANT YOU! (1969, B/W, 63 min. Linda Boyce, Maria Lease). Torrid tale of prostitution, blackmail, narcotics, greed and lust starring Linda Burns as Wanda the sadistic lesbian madam. ONCE UPON A BODY (1970, B/W, 70 min. Linda Boyce, Susan Evans). A trifecta of treacherous young females rip-off a homosexual street hustler and their half-baked, greedy ambitions naturally involve orgies, murder and sadism!  Includes picturesque Times Square scenery, busty Linda Boyce and a mesmerizing score by Luristan Inc). THE ULTIMATE VOYEUR (1969, B/W, 70 min. Lynda Boyce). A wealthy Manhattanite cruises the seedy side of town searching for sex encounters that will satisfy his voyeuristic urges.

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