Ed Wood’s One Million AC/DC


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ONE MILLION AC/DC (1969. 65 min. Director: Ed De Priest. Writer: Ed Wood, Jr. Cast: Antoinette Maynard) is a film so schlocky even legendary Z-film cult director Ed Wood, Jr. used an alias to keep his name out of the credits! Cavemen and (more importantly) cavewomen can’t keep their loincloths on in this savage skinflick which climaxes with the least terrifying rubber dinosaur ever seen on the big screen! Taken from a colorful 35mm film print, Wood’s classic prehistoric nudie is joined by 3 additional films starring the young and beautiful Antoinette Maynard: I AM FURIOUS (1969. 48 min. Suzanne Fields, Antoinette Maynard), WINNING STROKE (1973. 57 min. John Holmes, Orita De Chadwick, Cyndee Summers, Antoinette Maynard), THE MARRIED BACHELOR (47 min.), plus a bonus scene from AVALON CALLING (12 min)! Total running time: 229 min.

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