Ed Wood Jr.’s The Undergraduate


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1971. 221 Minutes. Suzanne Fields, Eve Orlon, Carmen Olivera, Alice Friedland.

Alpha Blue Archives is proud to present Ed Wood’s entry into the 1970s pseudo-sex-educational film genre! THE UNDERGRADUATE (1971 67 min.) stars Suzanne Fields and Eve Orlon as bell-bottomed teenagers exploring with abandon their budding sexuality.


Eccentric pulp writer and legendary cult director Ed Wood Jr. was more famously known for his 1950s B-movie classics PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE and BRIDE OF THE MONSTER (as well his portrayal by Johnny Depp in Tim Burton’s 1994 biopic ED WOOD), but he ended his bizarre life and career as a writer/director of obscure 1970s X-rated films.


Wood’s exercise in educational excess hasn’t been seen on home video since it was released on Betamax in the early ’80s. One of those ultra-rare Beta tapes has been digitized here in all of its ancient analog glory along with digital transfers of three lost Suzanne Fields 16mm films: WARD SEX (1971, 41 Minutes. Carmen Olivera. Alice Friedland-XXX!), THE YOUNG MODEL (56 Minutes), THE SEX SPA (55 Minutes), plus the WARD SEX theatrical trailer!

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