Swinging Barmaids Double Feature


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SWINGING BARMAIDS (1975, 83 min. Laura Hippe, Bruce Watson, Dyanne Thorne. Director, Gus Trikonis). Four Young Barmaids working at the Swing-A-Ling nightclub are stalked and aped by a Los Angeles sicko who likes to photograph the bodies of his dead victims. Character actor William Smith plays the tough cop tracking down the elusive killer. A super-charged rarity with garish 1970s décor that backdrops all the exploitation elements that will please even the most jaded fan. THE MANHANDLERS (1974, 87 min. Cara Burgess, Judith Brown, Rosalind Miles).  An ambitious young woman inherits a massage parlor brothel from Uncle Leo who was gunned down by the mob.  She and her foxy friends try to make a straight go-of-it but the mob violently tries to take over and inherit the lucrative action!  The Manhandlers is a unique exploitation film that combines softcore sex, silly sitcom melodrama with b-movie brutality!

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