Pets Double Feature


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Two film gems starring Candice Rialson, one of the most charming actresses to appear in trashy drive-in films throughout the 1970s. PETS (1975, 94 min. Teri Gusman, Ed Bishop, Joan Blackman).  Bonnie, an abused runaway, escapes her brutal brother’s clutches and ends up with various sleazy characters on her journey through the seedier side of America’s underbelly. On this road to nowhere, Bonnie becomes both a slave to her sexual desires and to the dominating and commanding hands of various social and psycho-sexual outcasts seemingly breaking her spirit along the way. MAMA’S DIRTY GIRLS (1974, 81 min. Gloria Grahme, Sondra Currie, Mary Stoddard, Anneka Di Lorenzo).  Shrewd con woman Mama Love and her three lovely daughters fleece unsuspecting rich men out of their money. Director John Hayes, working from a suitably sordid and mean-spirited script by Gil Lasky, makes no bones about the film being an unapologetic piece of low-grade trash that blithely panders to the lowest common denominator: From the gloriously sleazy and leering opening shot of a deliciously topless Rialson checking herself out in the mirror to the extremely grim conclusion in which everybody gets their just desserts, this picture delivers the satisfyingly seamy goods.

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