Tomcats Double Feature


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TOMCATS (1976, 81 min. Chris Mulkey, Polly King). Directed by Harry Kerwin, who’s better known to exploitation fans as Thomas Wood.  He was the star of Herschell Gordon Lewis’ classic gorefests, Blood Feast and 2000 Maniacs.  Kerwin far surpasses Lewis’ shock value in this relentlessly nasty drive in/grindhouse obscurity.  It’s a rough sex crime movie in the Climax of Blue Power mode.  Four sub-moronic yahoos go off on greasy spoon waitresses, raping, robbing and killing them.  The police manhunt is the backbone of the story, but the goons are the focal point.  They all look sweaty, dirty and guilty.  The sex involves kicking, verbal humiliation, panty ripping, bondage-every Richard Speck fantasy is explored, including unlawful entry through the back door.  If you’re a woman watching Tomcats, you’ll wander over to your front door to make sure it’s locked.  DR. MINX (1975, 89 min. Former Russ Meyer regular Edy Williams [Beyond the Valley of the Dolls] gets mixed up in various sleazy shenanigans involving blackmail, infidelity, insurance scams and a high school kid schlepping around a corpse!

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