AVON DYNASTY SPECIAL—4 Box Sets SUPER SPECIAL: Mean Streets, Dark Side, Manhattan Vice, Neon Nights Collections


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The Avon cadre of pornographers were the quintessential smut purveyors of pre-Disneyfied New York City. Avon Productions furnished Avon’s own theatre chain with a constant stream of debased filth, resulting in 100s of films produced under the Avon banner. Avon films reek of dangerous days when cheap hookers, hard drugs and kinky porn lured thrill seekers down every dark alleyway on 42nd Street. Behind-the-scenes, the lifestyles of the pornographical pirates of the Avon syndicate mirrored their bizarre, downbeat films with involvement in extreme sex, addiction, and violent crime.

Manhattan Vice contains 16 1970s films concentrating on the directorial work of films of 2 Avon favorites: Joe Davian and Mr. Mustard (aka Richard Mailer). The newly unearthed On the Street (presented in a digital mastered version straight from a 16mm print) is sort of an interracial West Side Story filled with abduction, gang *ape and vicious domination. Davian’s Sharon in the Rough throws a giant cocked, retarded black gardener into the mix of the “teen nympho sent to disciplinary school” plot line. These one hour wonders are a must see for anyone interested the history of NYC grindhouse sleaze!

Neon Nights includes Avon classics like the uncut version of the big budget roughie Smoker, Carter Stevens’ narcotic video production Angela in Wonderland, and the bizarre underground B&D of Dog Obedience School. Includes alumna like Avon’s Mistress Candice, Annie Sprinkle, Sharon Mitchell as well as a new breed of 80s starlets like Sue Nero, Tasha Voux, Taija Rae and more. Thirteen feature films total.

Mean Streets chronicles Avon’s transition from theatrical film productions into the video age. From the perverted peeping apartment handyman blackmailing teen Velvet Summers into sex in the 35mm Peepholes to the sleazy video trash of Anal Intruder, this set shows Avon fought to the finish as the grindhouse days came to an end. Thirteen feature films total.

Dark Side contains works of Shaun Costello the most prolific Avon director, and likely one of the most prolific directors of 70s era pornography. Famous for his “one day wonders,” 60 minute features made on a shoestring budget but packed with overwhelmingly lurid fucking cramming nearly every minute. This box set includes colorful digital film transfers of Baby Oil, Fire in Francesca, and The School for the Sexual Arts, the complete version of sick incest film Dark Side of Danielle, and more newly uncovered rarities from Costello’s must see filmography.

Click here to read the depraved history of Avon Studios.

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