1970s Biker Trash Double Feature


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BLACK ANGELS (1970, 87 min. Director, Laurence Merrick). Two motorcycle gangs—the white Serpents and the black Choppers battle one another for supremacy of the drug trade, roadways and trashy biker broads!  This down-n-dirty biker exploitation film posing as social commentary will satisfy your basest hog desires! ROAD OF DEATH (1973, 71 min. Buxom blonde Carol Connors [Deep Throat] stars in this regional Florida drive-in-rarity.  It’s a revenge flick with a group of hippie rock-n-rollers meeting out justice against the bikers. When two half-witted rockers take their buxom blonde girlfriends on a picnic, a gang of low-brow bikers happen upon them and decide to ravage the chicks and beat the long-haired dudes to a pulp!  Bloody and violent cinema that will have you cracking open a six-pack and cheering along!

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