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Gorgeous Swedish tit model USCHI DIGARD was one of the top men’s magazine models in the ’60s and ’70s and secured a top place in the annals of skinflick history thanks to her “discovery” by infamous breast man Russ Meyer.

Uschi showed up in bit parts in some mainstream films and grindhouse classics, but the bulk of her work was in full- frontal soft-X and sexploitation flicks. This THREE-FILM collection includes the rarity SWINGER’S MASSACRE aka INSIDE AMY (1975, 105 min, Joyanne Mitchell, Marsha Jordan, Rene Bond, Uschi Digard), a grim, serious and epic hard-R-rated film filled with sex and murder. A husband and wife become active in the ’70s swinger scene only for the husband to become murderously jealous. Look for X actresses like Uschi, Rene Bond and Marsha Jordan in bit roles.

Plus TWO first-time-on-video digital transfers: FUZZ (1970, 45 min, Uschi Digard, John Holmes, Maria Arnold, Neola Graff aka Malta)

John Holmes has a poolside orgy and Uschi and Malta have an ultra-sexy lesbian session in this all-action soft-X masterpiece. THAW THE FRIGID BIRD (1970, 59 min, Uschi Digard, Fifi Watson) Uschi has three lengthy scenes (straight, lesbian and orgy) in this lost film about inter-office affairs. Digital transfer of 16mm print! First time on video!

Total running time: 209 min.

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